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Kim Pohs discusses a Cezanne still life with a group of enthusiastic students.

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Welcome to Masterpiece Art!

The Masterpiece Art Program of Flagstaff is dedicated to providing opportunities for elementary school children to become familiar with the work of local, national, and international artists. We accomplish our mission through monthly class presentations and art projects. Volunteer art guides, mainly parents, visit participating classrooms every month to present works of art, lead discussions, and supervise a related project.

Our guides use our ever-expanding collection of 300 prints featuring artists from many time periods and cultural backgrounds. In addition to facilitating training workshops, we provide the guides with packets full of research/support materials and outlines of projects that have been kid-tested in the classroom. Each of our member schools also receives a box containing high-quality art supplies for the art projects.

For the past 20 years, the Masterpiece Art Program has been a vital supplement to Flagstaff’s art education programs, serving and enriching the children of our community! We are an Arizona 501c3 Corporation.

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  • History
  • Vision and Mission
  • Board Bios

History and Volunteerism

The Masterpiece Art program originated as an extension to the current art programs in the FUSD schools; we collaborate with the existing art program and integrate with the classroom curriculum. Today, we work with both FUSD and several charter schools. Our records show presentations going back to 1987 in some art packets. Since 1991, we have been recruiting and training volunteer art guides for the classroom, but it wasn't until 1997 that we grew large enough to incorporate and receive funding through grant writing to pay for operating costs. Concerned and involved parents have brought attention to the artistic needs of children in Flagstaff for almost 20 years. Through our program, we reach them while they are young and impressionable so as to empower them to be creative and to inspire a life-long appreciation for the arts.

Our program also relies completely on volunteerism. Our most important volunteers are the parents who become school coordinators and art guides. The coordinators meet with the teachers at the beginning of the school year to set up a schedule of presentations, and to see if they can select works of art that relate to that year’s curriculum. They keep track of the prints, packets and supplies, and provide the art guides with everything they need to do their job successfully. In addition, they serve as the communication liaisons between the schools and the Board of Directors. This past year, we worked with 17 coordinators and 85 art guides. The latter spent 2-3 hours preparing for and presenting the art masterpieces in the classroom. They also made sure that the classroom was cleaned up at the end of the day. Because our art guides commit to 3-5 presentations per school year, this translates into a substantial in-kind donation from these individuals. To keep these volunteers coming back year after year, we do our best to provide them with effective materials, training sessions, and supplies for them to use in the classroom.

All of the members of the Board of Directors are also volunteers who donate in-kind work (e.g., grant writing, financial expertise, etc.) which contributes greatly to the success of our program.

Vision and Mission Statements


To empower children to be creative and inspire a life-long appreciation for the arts.


To provide opportunities for elementary school children to become familiar with the work of local, national and international artists through monthly class presentations and art projects.

To recruit all educational programs charged with education of children to participate: private, charter and home schools, as well as FUSD schools.

To support school coordinators in recruiting enough volunteers so that each classroom has enough adult supervision to provide at least 7 presentations per year per classroom (7 out of the 9 month session).

To bring attention to the artistic needs of children, collaborating with the existing art program (if one exists) and the classroom teachers to provide variety and integration with the classroom history curriculum.

To increase parental involvement and awareness of their child's art education, including training volunteer parents to present, providing support resources such as a web page with access to tools and help guides, as well as partnering with other artistic organizations who could also provide volunteers for the classroom, spreading the responsibility and support to more people.

Board Bios

Gretchen Gee

Gretchen has lived in Flagstaff since 1995, and has been involved with Masterpiece Art since 2002, first as an art guide, and then as a board member. Her love of art comes from her childhood in Taos, New Mexico. She is a Lecturer in the Politics and International Affairs Department at NAU, and wishes that she could do Masterpiece Art presentations for her college students.

Alexandra Carpino
Vice President

Alexandra grew up in Amherst (Massachusetts), and has lived in Flagstaff since 1998. She teaches Art History at NAU in the Department of Comparative Cultural Studies, and has been involved with the Masterpiece Art Program of Flagstaff since 2001. She is an Art Guide at the Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff (Switzer Mesa) and Vice-President of the Board of Directors. She can be reached at: alexandra.carpino@nau.edu.

Audrey Cullen

Audrey has a B.S. in Psychology from NAU, and served as the School Coordinator for Marshall for 3 years. She has two children, one now in middle school and one in high school. She has been active in the Marshall PTO, where she served on the board as the Volunteer Coordinator. She has also attended site council meetings at FHS and has been an active member of the Family Involvement Partnership for the past two years, where one of the projects was opening the Family Resource Center. 

Suzanne Edmonds

Suzanne has lived in Flagstaff for the last three years. She has been a medical illustrator for over 20 years and is currently also an anatomy instructor at College America in Flagstaff. She is married, has one son, and has been active in Masterpiece Art, as a board member and a presenter, for three years. She was previously involved in the Redondo Beach School District Hands on Art program, which also brought art into the schools. Her undergraduate degree is in Interdisciplinary Studies: Biology/Art from The University of the Pacific, in Stockton, California, and her graduate degree is in Medical and Biological Illustration from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Joan Carstensen

Joan has lived in Flagstaff for over 30 years and has had a love of art ever since the 3rd grade when her class designed and produced their very own tapestry. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and Visual Communications and currently has her own design studio. She has been an art guide and coordinator at her daughter's school, and is continuously inspired by the level of student participation and creativity with Masterpiece Art.

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MasterPiece Art Video

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Click here to download a PDF template of the label for the back of all art. It is formatted as an Avery lable, sized 1" x 2.625"
  • Digitized Art Packets
Click here to download the DIGITIZED ART PACKETS.
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Coordinator Timeline

August – October

Let the office and PTO president know that you are the new MA coordinator. Ask about access to the copy machine. You can also use the one in the district office. Let the PTO treasurer and the principal know that a letter will arrive requesting $100 for dues and is due on September 30.

Contact previous presenters via phone or e-mail and introduce yourself. Let them know you will contact them as soon as prints and packets are available at the school. Keep a list of presenters and the classroom(s) they are volunteering in.

A member of the Masterpiece Art Board will let you know when and where to pick up prints, packets, and art supplies. Find a place to store them in the school and let returning presenters know where they are located. They can begin presenting in the classroom whenever they and the teacher agree on a time.

Set up an information table at Open House and any other school events that are held at the school before training. Pick a print to display and a few packet materials. Also include a sign-up sheet, mission statement, tips for art guides, etc. Have some flyers handy for parents to take with them. They should include training dates and times.

Send home flyers and/or have a blurb in the school’s newsletter with information about the program and that you’re recruiting new presenters. Include your contact info.

Contact new and returning presenters to remind them of training dates. (Note: starting this year, returning presenters are also required to attend training for new information about the program; approximately 15 – 30 minutes at the beginning of one of the training sessions.)

Attend both training sessions. Meet with presenters to let them know where prints/packets/art supplies are located within the school; explain the sign-out system, setting up presenting times with teachers, etc.

Contact teachers to let them know they have a MA presenter for their classroom. Include the presenters name and contact info. The teacher and presenter can make a schedule as to when presentations can take place. Assist with this, if necessary.

Follow-up with the PTO to ensure that MA dues ($100) have been paid by September 30.


Contact all presenters to inquire as to if they have presented and if they’ve encountered any problems that you might be able to help with.


Gather all prints, packets, and art supplies. Track down any that may be missing. A member of the board will let you know where to drop them off. Distribute presenter surveys and complete a coordinator survey yourself. Ask presenters if they will be continuing with the program next year.

Throughout the Year

Periodically check up on the presenters, especially new ones, to offer support. This can be done by a phone call, e-mail, or in person. Let all presenters know if there is anything new (eg. art supplies) that they would be interested in knowing. Occasionally, check that the prints and packets are in good order and that the sign-out sheet is being utilized.

Promote the program whenever possible. If a bulletin board is available to you, use it to display MA artwork. At the beginning of the year before art work is available, you can display a print and packet info as well as info about Masterpiece Art. At the end of the year, display a thank you to presenters along with their names. You can also express appreciation to the presenters at the end of the year in the school’s newsletter.

If your school has any art-related events, set up a Masterpiece Art project. Make info about the program available.


Click here to download the Coordinator Responsibilities document.

Click here to download the Parent Volunteer Responsibilities document.

Click here to download the Print Set List.

Click here to download the Print Check Out form.

Click here to download the Presentation Evaluation form.


Click here to download the Coordinator Feedback form.


Contact Audrey Cullen at adurey@nilesradio.com

  • Schools and Coordinators
  • Invoicing

Schools and Coordinators

Tera Larson 
E-mail: t-ll-84@hotmail.com
Phone: 864-7477

Monite Vergel dos Dios
E-mail: monitev@gmail.com
Phone: 699-1807

Cami Birdno
E-mail: findthebirds@gmail.com
Phone: 242-7426

Adi Scantlebury
E-mail: adairscant@gmail.com
Phone: 853-1816

Jerry Evenson
E-mail: jmongoose44@q.com
Phone: 525-1500

Marge Ullman
E-mail: margenrichard@live.com
Phone: 853-2354

Rebecca Cauthen
E-mail: rebeccacauthen@hotmail.com
Phone: 773-4688

Jeremy Adair
E-mail: jeremyadair3@gmail.com
Phone: 853-3531

Montessori MS
Jeremy Adair
E-mail: jeremyadair3@gmail.com
Phone: 853-3531

Melissa Welker
E-mail: mmurlless@gmail.com
Phone: 523-9567

Heidi Brown
E-mail: princess19_2@yahoo.com
Phone: 714-0259

Gretchen Gee
E-mail: gretanddoug@gmail.com
Phone: 526-1388

(The following PDF documents will need Adobe Reader in order to open them)

  • Training and Information Dates
  • Coordinator Drop Offs and Pick Ups
  • First Training: Thursday, September 6, 2018, 7-8:30pm, Flagstaff Public Library

  • Second Training: Monday, October 1, 2018, 7-8:30pm, Flagstaff Public Library

(Both Trainings are held at the Flagstaff Public Library, Jan-Romero Stevens Community Room, Main library)

Coordinator Drop Offs and Pick Ups

  • Beginning of School Pick Up: Monday, August 20, 2018, 6:30–7 at the Storage Locker, 5440 E. Commerce.


  • Board Members
  • School Coordinators

Board Members

Gretchen Gee - President

Alexandra Carpino - Vice President

Audrey Cullen - Treasurer

Suzanne Edmonds - Secretary

Joan Carstensen - Boardmember

Masterpiece Art School Coordinators, 2011-12

Don and Lisa Godfrey
E-mail: yerfdog1836@yahoo.com

Susan Fox
E-mail: shfoxmom@yahoo.com

Lisa Lee
E-mail: lisalee56@yahoo.com

Lissa Sullivan
E-mail: lissainflag@yahoo.com

Julie Lancaster
E-mail: lancasterjm@msn.com

Jerry Evenson
E-mail: jmongoose44@q.com

Helena Babiski
E-mail: hbabiski@gmail.com

Anne Wallace
E-mail: all5wallaces@hotmail.com

Rebecca Cauthen
E-mail: rebeccacauthen@hotmail.com

Curtis Smith
E-mail: smithcurtis@hotmail.com


Kathy Stock
E-mail: kathy_ed@yahoo.com

Montessori MS
Stephanie Petrie
E-mail: redrocks2@hotmail.com

Elizabeth Miller
E-mail: miller1elizabeth@gmail.com

Pam Stephens

Sandra Smith
E-mail: sandra.smith@nau.edu

Jeni Jensen
E-mail: jenijensen94@gmail.com


Heidi Robinson
E-mail: heidi.robinson@nau.edu

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