Getting Started for Volunteers

    If there is interest to start the program at your school please notify Claudia Logan at 928-310-0149. Then the district coordinator will call the school's administration and set up the funding and logistics of the program, such as: on site print and portfolio storage; who will be paying for the program; and who will be the school's coordinator. Once the school coordinator is named, they will work with the teachers to recruit parent volunteers for their school. We will need to communicate to parents through the classroom teachers, so the office administrators of each school will let the teachers know. The school coordinator is the laison between the school (principal, administrators, teachers and parents) and the Masterpiece Art Program. Please see School Coordinator responsibilites document.

    To become a parent volunteer for your child's classroom, please contact your school coordinator and they will introduce you and Masterpiece Program to the teacher (if you have not already talked with them about it) and on training for a Masterpiece presentation. Please see Parent volunteer responsibilities, Making a Presentation, What's in a Portfolio, Using A Display Board, and Helpful Tips.

  • Masterpiece Printset 2009-2010
  • Methods for Teaching Art (EAT Method)
  • What is in a Portfolio?
  • How to make a Presentation
  • Using a Display Board
  • Parent Volunteer Responsibilities
  • Helpful Tips

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